Shipping Instructions

Go to

Under the shipping tab, click on collectship.
Bill to RP2264, press collectship now.

Enter your shipping details, box dimensions and weight. A typical full set of suspension has a weight of 30lbs.

You must have a printer set up and ready. Press complete shipment.

Do not complete shipment without a printer available.
We do not pay for shipper value protection.

If you would like your shipment insured, email with the tracking number and we can insure it for $25 each way.

Insurance will not be in effect until you get a confirmation from us stating so.

Attach the printed label to box. Each box must have a label if there are more than one box.

Be sure to include your completed rider info form and have it in the box with your suspension

Box will be picked up at the address you input and the location you selected. ie: Front door