REBUILD Like other parts of your motorcycle, the suspension has parts that wear out. There are numerous bushings, seals, and components that over time will wear out. When this happens, the suspension can become unpredictable, or unresponsive. Here are the things MP1 Suspension does at a service interval. Suspension is disassembled, using the correct tools that are designed for this process. After a through cleaning, all parts are inspected for wear, and measured for tolerance. Fork tubes and shock shaft are spun in a lathe and surfaced to ensure seals and bushing seat correctly. Shim stack is laid out, and shims are inspected for bent, broken and wear. After everything is inspected and the necessary parts are changed, suspension is assembled using our manufactured oil and grease. Proper assemble procedures are used to bleed the air from the oil in the dampers. We recommend rebuild service should be done at 40-45 hours of service. Fork Rebuild cost is $149.99. Wear parts, fluids are springs are extra. Shock Rebuild cost is $149.99. Wear parts, fluids are springs are extra.
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